Punch [Media] Group

Punch Media Group is digital media and entertainment company developing hip popular culture experiences and and brand strategy across on-line and mobile phone platforms.
The company specializes reaching the 18-34 demographic in an innovative manner.
Our forte is helping businesses to truly fold social media/live on-line experiences into mobile phone marketing/applications into traditional off-line media in order to create fully integrated campaigns of conversation: media meshing just as the consumer does - 360 degrees.
PMG has worked with notable companies from Universal to Microsoft. Our differentiator is bringing added value by providing unique access to the most active and fastest growing demos in mobile/on-line: the multi-ethnic influencer, while simultaneously being able to balance general market campaigns trend-setting 18-34(44) category.
In addition, our global expertise and market penetration lends interested companies added leverage into and from international markets.
We are always ready with innovative biz solutions and measurable results.

What we do

To fully engage with today's consumer, it's all about mobile. But what's needed is a convergence of tech capabilities with creative positioning. That's where PMG comes in. Customizing innovative campaigns and experience for you around today's mobile tools for flawless, measurable service in association with our affiliates:

  • Mobile phone application development
  • SMS opt-in campaigns
  • 2D mobile barcodes
  • Mobile website development/re-formatting
  • Mobile advertising media buys
  • Website development
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Digital branding
  • Live on-line HD event/performance production
  • Digital content development
  • On-line video promotion software
  • Consulting


For Management/Strategic Consulting Firms, Prime Government Contractors:

PMG specializes in branding and selling to 18-34 across on-line and mobile phone platforms, and we are differentiated in doing so via utilization of a brand new paradigm: that of reaching particular markets by focusing on shared values rather than racial/gender profile exclusively. Thus we provide unparalled support within your overall project execution. Obtain:

  • Unique insight into behavioral trends off- and on-line.
  • Cohesive integration identification across platform.
  • Innovative resources to forecast.
  • Impactful tech tools deepen experience to enrich and broaden the consulting proposition to your clients.

For prime government contractors, PMG (which is also currently undergoing 8A certification) is the ideal subcontracting partner who can assist your company with:

  • IT training.
  • Awareness campaigns.
  • Technology application development.
  • Communications.
  • Audio/Video production.

For Government Policy Makers/Policy Influencers:

PMG can provide vital help for policy makers, political organizations and activists wishing to access the latest new media methodologies to reach young citizens more effectively than ever.
As politics converge with pop culture, stay ahead of the curve by adapting commercially; successfully strategies for the political arena by:

  • Expanding mobile phone opportunities beyond simple SMS texting.
  • Leveraging social media to include the full diversity of the US population.
  • Developing unique mobile phone applications complete with extensive metrics.
  • eveloping/re-branding and maintaining state-of-the art websites to enable maximum user engagement.
  • Producing original content to engage.

For Media & Communications Companies/Advertising Agencies

Punch Media Group can provide invaluable access for companies/brands seeking to access the hip 18-34 demographic via organic means, and our track record with previous clients proves it. In fact from our cost-efficient strategies we\'ve even increased a previous client\'s revenue by 46%. From social networking to mobile marketing campaigns for the youth market, the company provides turn-key business solutions to effectively engage and compel - globally.
Use our expertise to successfully:

  • Execute innovative awareness campaigns across on-line and mobile phone platforms.
  • Develop/re-brand and maintain state-of-the art websites to enable maximum user engagement.
  • Identify and create strategic and/or revenue generating partnerships.
  • Produce original episodic content to drive brand messaging.
  • Develop mobile phone applications to both promote and increase revenue.
  • Possess unique demographic research/data capture.
  • Leverage digital efforts into traditional platforms to ensure 360 results.
  • Secure talent.
  • Secure global digital/physical distribution deals.

Social media and digital marketing services and mobile phone strategy and consulting

To fully engage with today's young consumer, it\'s all about mobile. But what's needed is a convergence of tech capabilities with creative positioning. That's where PMG comes in. Customizing innovative campaigns and experience for you around today's mobile tools for flawless, measurable service in association with our affiliates:

  • SMS opt-in campaigns/mobile marketing
  • Mobile barcodes and tags
  • Mobile website development/re-formatting
  • Mobile phone application development
  • Live Mobile Events/In-Venue Experience and Monetization
  • Mobile Rich Media and banner Buys (including partner exclusivity access to Universal Music Group Mobile Sites)

Data journalism

The term "data journalism" is used to describe a journalistic process based on analyzing and filtering large data sets for the purpose of creating a news story. Data-driven journalism is primarily a workflow that consists of the following elements: digging deep into data by scraping, cleansing and structuring it, filtering by mining for specific information, visualizing and making a story.  Telling stories based on the data is the primary goal.  It's about creating trust and reaching wider audiences based on the story.  Lauren is an expert at finding deep, reliable raw data and working with graphic design teams to translate the findings from various data sources and sets.  Metrics for project impact are also included in her approach.


Our client roster has included such companies as:
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